Track Your Investments

With MCB Juice, get instant access to your portfolios, while on the go.

With the portfolio feature, you can now:

  • Stay up to date with all your portfolios
  • Check your total investment valuation, as well as the valuation per portfolio
  • View your asset allocation with currency breakdown
  • Check your holdings grouped by region and country


Stay on top of your investments with convenience and flexibility with MCB Juice

Monitor, analyze, and make decisions on the go, ensuring that your portfolio is always at your fingertips.

MCB Juice's user-friendly interface empowers you to effortlessly monitor your investment portfolios. Real-time updates, intuitive charts, and insightful analytics are just a tap away, ensuring you have a clear view of your financial landscape.

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Stay on top of your investments with convenience and flexibility with MCB Juice

Juice goes beyond managing numbers; it empowers your financial journey. Whether you're new to investing or a seasoned pro, our platform adapts to your needs, providing the insights and tools necessary to achieve your financial aspirations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

All your portfolios, excluding MCB funds, are now accessible on MCB Juice.

You can access your portfolios via the “Wealth” icon located on the navigation bar of MCB Juice.

No, it is not a bug. Your “Cards” module can now be found in the “More” section.

This service is not currently available on MCB Juice.

Please contact your dedicated banker to learn more about your investment options and how to open an investment account with MCB.

To begin your investment journey, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Wealth" feature located on the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Click on "How do I get started?" for detailed guidance.
  3. Tap on "Get in touch" to access a form where you can provide your information and express your interest. Submitting the form will allow us to assist you further.


Alternatively, contact your dedicated banker to learn more about your investment options and how to open an investment account with MCB.

Portfolio Feature

You will be presented with a total valuation of all your listed portfolios and a summary of the top three asset allocations across all your portfolios.

It is the total valuation of all your listed portfolios, and the combined currency for this overview is in Mauritian Rupees (MUR), regardless of the individual currencies linked to each portfolio.

Foreign currency rates against the Mauritian Rupee are MCB’s mid-rates. For more information, please contact your dedicated banker.

Yes, your portfolios are being updated on a near real-time basis. The value of such investments is based on the latest price or estimate and may not reflect the actual value of your investment. Such value should not be relied upon as a representation that a transaction could have been or can be affected at the stated price. Unsettled transactions and pledged assets (if any) are not specifically marked.

You will see the asset class allocation of the portfolio as well as how the asset class drills down into currency sub-allocation.

You can see the list of instruments(s) per region and country for each asset class.

On the recent transactions screen, you'll find a list of your latest purchases and sold transactions for the chosen portfolio. To explore further details about a specific transaction, simply tap on it. It's important to be aware that MCB Juice currently retains only the last 60 days of transactions.

It is the profit or loss on your investment based on the current value of the investment. The value is indicative and will only be realised if you sell the investment.

For the time being, only some asset classes are clickable. This functionality will soon be extended to all asset classes. To view which one you can tap on it, please refer to the table below:

Clickable asset classes

Non-clickable asset classes

• Debt

• Equities

• Mutual Funds

• Commodities

• Alternatives

• Derivatives

• Cash Accounts

• FX Deals

• MCB Deposits

• MCB Money Market

• Deposit with other institutions


Your recent transactions card may show "No recent transactions" if you hold a portfolio with MCB Stockbrokers LTD (MSL). We are working on ensuring MSL portfolios have access to their recent transactions available on MCB Juice.

All trades involving the buying and selling of securities within the last 60 days will be listed in the 'recent transactions.' It does not encompass account entries such as debit or credit of funds.

The amount reflects the total value of the traded security, net of fees, including trading and commission fees.

Navigate to the 'recent transactions' screen, tap on the specific trade transaction line and verify that the 'Status' is marked as 'Settled.' Additionally, check the debit/credit entry in the corresponding investment settlement account under your Accounts on the Juice Home page.

'Balance Asset' refers to the Asset Type associated with the transaction.

Currently, the option to view trading and commission fees is not available in this release. Please refer to the bank or consult your trade transaction contract note for details on fees.

Access your Accounts from the Juice Home page and navigate to Current Accounts to review the corresponding investment settlement account for information on dividends and interests.